Introducing The Chemical Show: Giving Voice To The Multibillion Dollar Global Chemical Industry

Updated: Sep 22

The chemical industry is probably one of the biggest and most impactful businesses that you never really hear much about. That’s all going to change starting now as The Chemical Show finally gives the industry the voice that it deserves. With Progressio Global’s Victoria Meyer as your host, you will get to listen to some great stories, rising trends, challenges and bold visions from some of the industry’s greatest leaders. As a $565 billion enterprise that supports more than 500,000 jobs across the US and many times that number across the world, the chemical industry certainly needs much more positive attention than it presently gets. It all starts here and now.

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Introducing The Chemical Show: Giving Voice To The Multibillion Dollar Global Chemical Industry

I'm Victoria Meyer, Founder of Progressio Global and host of The Chemical Show, a new show focused on the business of chemicals. The chemical industry is one that impacts both the US economy and the Global economy. According to the American Chemistry Council, the business of chemistry is a $565 billion enterprise and supports more than 500,000 jobs across the US. It's a business that has a lot of impact. Frankly, it's a business that needs more of a voice, and that's what we're here with The Chemical Show to do. I'm delighted to have the opportunity to talk to a variety of great leaders across the industry. I've worked in this business for many years, first steps with major chemical companies, Shell, Clariant, Patel. As the Founder of my own consulting company, Progressio Global, which works with chemical companies to help them accelerate success in achieving their goals and their vision from across a variety of strategy marketing and execution-focused things.

Chemistry is one of the world’s biggest and most impactful industries. It needs to have a voice. That’s what The Chemical Show aims to give.

I have a chance to talk to a lot of great people in the industry, and they have great stories to tell. They're making a real impact on business, on the economy, on people's lives and have wonderful stories, and that's the focus here. The Chemical Show is a show focused on the business of chemistry. According to the ACC, chemistry is a $500-plus billion enterprise in the US. We know that if we look at it globally, it's a triple of that number. The business of chemistry employs over 500,000 Americans. If we look globally, that number grows leaps and bounds. It's a great business. I find it interesting. I find it interesting to talk to different leaders across the chemical industry and find out what's critical to them, how they're tackling some of the big challenges that their companies or industries have, and how they are impacting people's lives, both inside and outside their companies, as business leaders. That's what The Chemical Show is here to do.

We're going to be having some great conversations with different leaders across the industry focusing in a lot of the key trends. As we sit here in 2021, some of the key trends that are impacting the industry is the ever-increasing focus on sustainability and the circular economy. When we look at what's going on over the past year 2020, a number of our major corporations have declared aggressive carbon reduction goals, focusing on tremendous amount of green energy, green chemistry, sustainability, circular economy. We're going to see a lot of development evolving over that. We're going to have some great and interesting conversations with people in that space.

The other big trend that we're seeing in chemical companies is digitalization. That's everything from the increasing use of data and data analytics to drive business, to digitalization in the manufacturing field. We see things that we would have never imagined when I started my early career and worked in manufacturing and what's happening now with the use of drones to do equipment inspection, instead of sending people in. Also digital plants that allow more effective production.

We have a lot of great things to talk about. I'm excited to bring leaders onto the show that you wouldn't normally hear from. When we look at traditional media, we see some of the same people and the same companies referenced, and they're doing a great job. There are a lot of other companies and businesses and leaders that have a lot of insights to share, and insights related to their company and their business, how they impact the world and our environment, how they tackle new challenges, the strategies they've put in place and how they've been successful with that. Also, the leadership that they bring to the table, and to their companies and to the industry.

We've got a lot coming forward. You'll be hearing from people in businesses and industry groups that are really impactful, as well as leaders of different service providers, ancillary companies that support the chemical industry. I am delighted to channel my inner talk show host desire, and delighted to introduce you to people that I know, leaders across the industry and meet some new leaders in the industry and share some great stories. It’s a great opportunity to talk more about chemicals and the business of chemicals and the impact that it has.

Stay tuned. I hope you subscribe to the show. I hope you enjoy reading. I hope you share the show. I would love your feedback. If you want to learn more, you can head over to the website, You'll find past episodes there and future episodes. If you have ideas, if you have questions that you want me to ask people, if there are leaders that you would love to see on the show, send me your ideas. You can reach me on email at I will be reading and responding to those emails and taking your suggestions. Welcome to The Chemical Show. Thanks for joining me on this journey. I'm looking forward to taking this show and this journey forward with you. Thanks.

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